The Brilliant Minds Behind Our Tax Consulting Firm’s Success

All of our tax preparers are CTEC registered tax preparers and participate in the IRS annual filing season program.

Tami Patterson

Tami Patterson decided to open Nova Tax consultant to facilitate meeting the needs of her community through cost effective relevant and reliable tax preparation. She is highly trained, motivated, and diligent when it comes to doing taxes. She continues her education by taking tax classes. Tami has over 20 Years customer service experience and 15 years as a Prior Realtor serving the needs of her clients. Attended Riverside Community College, Executrain Real Estate School, Allied Business School. Tami is experienced in all areas, Investments, Real Estate, Charitable Giving, Foreign Income, Retirement, Multi-State Income, Clergy, Small Business, and Farm returns, Tax Planning, IRS/State Notices/Audits. She also prepares Visa returns understanding that each country holds a different treaty agreement with the united states which impacts the proper preparation of those returns.

Cynthia Powers


Jonathan Johnson


Jaimie Rofkahr E.A. (Enrolled Agent)


Jewelynn Helmic “Leo”